A new era of DMX networking has begun.

What if, for once, you didn't need to search for a problem if it occurred? What if, after applying corrective measures, the device would inform you precisely of what happened? Introducing the TourNode 8.

The TourNode 8 is the definitive solution to your DMX networking challenges. Packed with diagnostic and redundancy features, it greatly simplifies your lighting rig by providing DMX outputs or inputs where you need it, thus reducing cable runs.

Game-changing Technology

Realtime cable monitoring on all ports

The TourNode 8 features a revolutionary cable monitoring system that can detect multiple types of cable failure along with the distance from the device at which they occur, in real-time. By pairing a mobile device with the TourNode 8, you will be notified of the fault within seconds, with precise diagnostic information. This cable fault detection system is also available on the network links.

Built for the industry

Powerful and reliable

The TourNode 8 also features an internal battery backup, keeping it alive for 10 minutes in case of a mains failure. The dual gigabit network links provide a redundant connection to the network, ensuring reliable operation even if network cabling is damaged. A DMX backup feature also prevents loss of communication with any fixture connected to the node by feeding the DMX data from both ends of the cable.

Leading edge control interface

World-class technology


Connectivity DMX/RDM ports 8 fully isolated, input or output with cable fault monitoring
Network ports 2 10/100/1000 Mbps with built-in network switch and cable fault monitoring
GPI 2 fully isolated 5-24V AC/DC general purpose inputs
Power Locking Powercon in and thru, 90-250V, 50-60Hz, with EMI filter
Interface Local User Interface OLED Full-Color display with encoder
Status LEDs Clear indication of each port's status
Web interface Remote management interface with built-in web server
DMX functions Routing Any port to any port routing
Merging Universe merge (LTP, HTP)
Redundancy Slave DMX ports for over-the-network redundancy
Protocols supported ArtNet I, II & III, Streaming ACN (sACN), RDM (E1.31)