Effective DMX routing with advanced diagnostics features.

The TourPatch 8 might be the best addition to your lighting rig, even though it is not a lighting fixture: its routing features and advanced diagnostics will transform any pain-staking installation into a walk in the park.

Game-changing Technology

Realtime cable monitoring on all output ports

The TourPatch 8 features a revolutionary cable monitoring system that can detect multiple types of cable failures along with the distance from the device at which they occur, in real-time. LED indicators clearly show the state of each port while the full-color OLED display details fault reports and eases configuration.

Built for the industry

Powerful and reliable

The TourPatch 8 was designed with the live entertainment industry in mind. Every output and input is fully isolated and protected against excessive voltage. This makes the TourPatch 8 immune to any type of wiring fault, and it will automatically recover when the fault is cleared.

The does-it-all device

Complete routing features

The TourPatch 8 functions as a DMX isolator. Each of its outputs is assignable to any of the two inputs or a special function such as Merge, Append or Priority. The device also closely follows the original timing settings of its inputs, even in merge or append mode.


Connectivity DMX/RDM ports 8 fully isolated outputs with cable fault monitoring and protection
2 fully isolated inputs with fault protection
USB Hi-Speed USB, acts as a USB-to-DMX interface with 2 ports.
Power Locking Powercon in and thru, 90-250V, 50-60Hz
Interface Local User Interface OLED Full-Color display with naviagtion buttons
Status LEDs Clear indication of each port's status
DMX functions Routing Each output port can be assign to A, B or Function
Merging Merge of A and B in HTP Mode (Highest value of each channel take precedence)
Append Combine part of universe A with part of universe B into a single universe
Priority Input B takes over if no valid frames are received on input A after a selectable timeout delay
Protocols supported DMX-512A with any valid timing
RDM message forwarding